How to Get a Recruiter’s Nod Though Overqualified for Job Posts

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a big NO

How many times have you heard you’re overqualified for the job? It sounds ironic how recruiters resort to this lame and unfair excuse for declining your application. In the same way, they tagged you as overqualified for job posts since they set aside your resume for another one with lower credentials. You may cry injustice at this puzzling verdict, but … Read More

How Misplaced Applications Waste Millions of US Job Opportunities

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Millions of Americans wonder, “Why are jobs so scarce in the United States?” Yet, you can find the headquarters of top global companies strewn around the country. The problem, though, isn’t in the lack of jobs. Even with the large volume of applicants, 6.2 million job openings stay vacant. Since the labor market mismatch puzzles employment specialists, they urge job … Read More

How Top Resume Writing Services Help IT Professionals Land a Job

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top resume writing services for IT professionals

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most competitive industries today. Thus, hiring managers have high standards when it comes to choosing a candidate. It is indeed important to give a positive impression especially in writing your resume. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled to craft his/her own application tool. Knowing how tough the competition is, it sometimes require hiring a professional … Read More

10 Proper Ways to Do Job Search While Still Employed

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job searching while employed

There are days when coming to work becomes more dragging and overwhelming. It especially happens when you’ve been in the company for several years. You wake up one day and suddenly dread Mondays, hate your boss, or simply doesn’t feel the excitement like it was before. If you’re feeling any of these, maybe it’s time to leave. But here’s what … Read More

Top 10 Creative Ways to Earn Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Hey moms! Earn extra bucks while you’re at home taking care of your kids with these top 10 jobs for moms. 1. Sell handicrafts. If you’re into arts and crafts like sewing, crocheting, and jewelry making, you can consider selling your artworks. You can post them online using your social media accounts, open your own Etsy shop, or just sell … Read More