Resume and Shiny New Suit Do Not Easily Impress Interviewers

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Job interview strategies that workCreating a positive and impactful impression during the job interview is the most important thing that applicants have to bear in mind when applying for jobs. A properly-written resume, star-studded attire, and a swagger synonymous with unperturbed confidence do not usually impress hiring managers and interviewers.


The interview is a complicated process wherein there are “few right answers and a simple Yes is considered a wrong answer.” The job interview is all about making the right impression and here are seven job interview strategies on how to walk out the interview room smiling:

1.  Start out by shaking the interviewer or hiring manager’s hand

The oldest trick in the book is to let the hiring manager or interviewer sense that you are respecting them with the use of a formal handshake. Do not bow in front of them, just shake their hands. Employing unnecessary greetings will only hurt your chances of being recognizes. Additionally, keep your mannerisms to yourself. No nail biting. No collar scuffling. No nose picking.

2.  Befriend the hiring manager right from the start

Job interviews do not necessarily have to become a boring discourse between applicant and hiring manager. Embellish the conversation by telling a funny joke or an interesting prelude about your life as a member of the workforce.

3. Read the hiring manager’s facial expressions

When a hiring manager spends more time looking over your resume than stare you right directly in the eyes, there is clearly something wrong. Carefully read the hiring manager or interviewer’s facial expressions. If they become disengaged in the conversation, turn it up a notch. Learn how to adapt during the interview and do not keep the hiring manager or interview saddled on their chair.

4. Exude the right confidence

Confidence in an interview is shown by professionally answering the interviewer’s questions or by sitting properly without tapping at the floors. Stammering in front of the hiring manager quickly loses your impression points so it is always important that you research about the company that has invited you over for an interview.

5. Answer elevator pitches succinctly

An example of an elevator pitch question is the dreaded “Tell me about your work experience?” Many applicants lose their focus immediately when asked with a basic question that only wants to know about “your core competencies and key strengths.” Do not hyperextend the conversation with lengthy statements about yourself, do it within two minutes.

6. Take control of the interview

Do not let the interviewer take a hold of you. Demonstrating the right attitude and the most sensible answers help you manipulate the interviewer into giving up asking no-brainer questions. Do your homework early and master how to answer questions such as “Why do you think we should hire you?” or “What is your short and long-term goal?

7. End the interview by shaking the interviewer’s hand

Conclude the interview by shaking the interviewer’s hand. Recognize that you have wasted their time blasting questions, which they will probably ask to applicants waiting for their turn inside the company’s guest room. Nonetheless, shaking the interviewer’s hand determines that you respect the time invested to you by your prospective employer.


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