Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

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Job Interview etiquette tips: Do's and Don'ts

Finally got invited for a job interview? Great! But don’t celebrate yet. Being called in for an interview doesn’t mean you won the job. You still need to pass this level to prove you’re worthy of the position. Earn an instant good impression points by following these job interview etiquette tips:



Do research the company with which you are about to be interviewed.
The interviewer may very well ask, “So, what do you know about our company?” Be prepared to give a better response than “nothing.

Don’t be late!
If you are unsure of the location try to drive by a few days ahead of time so you know right where it is. Plan for traffic and any other unforeseen issues. Arriving about 10 minutes early is ideal.

Do dress up!
This is one of those times when it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Go for the business suit. Gentlemen, wear a tie and be clean shaven. Ladies, keep the makeup natural and don’t overdo jewelry.

Do get plenty of sleep.
Get enough rest the night before so you appear fresh and your mind is sharp and prepared to respond to all the inevitable questions!

Do follow-up.
Follow-up with a brief thank you note to the person(s) who interviewed you within 1-3 days after the meeting. It is perfectly acceptable to send this via email. Few people take this important extra step. This keeps you on their radar, shows good follow-up skills and sets you apart from all the other candidates who didn’t send a thank you note.


Don’t be negative about your current or past employers.
Focus on the positives.

Do bring a copy of your resume and cover letter that is unwrinkled and printed on resume paper.
You get extra points for addressing the name of the interviewer on the cover letter.

Don’t lie—on your resume or in your interview.
This ranks as one of the top turn-offs among HR departments and interviewers.

Don’t be shy!
This is an appropriate time to “brag” about your skills, accomplishments and what a tremendous asset you will be to the team.

Just as a strong resume won you the interview, strong interviewing skills can win you the job. Be prepared, remember these job interview etiquette and be confident. Good luck!


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