Job Hunting? Try Networking, It Works!

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Job Hunting Try Networking, It Works!This is a true story: One day, Ms. Jane realized she’s already bored with her work. She thought she will not be able to perform her work effectively because she felt drained and unchallenged. She called few of her friends to ask if there are vacancies in their respective companies. All of them promised to help her and asked for her résumé. Day two, one of her friends ask her to report to their hiring manager. Day three, she took the exam and was interviewed. Day four, no action happened. Day five, she was asked to report again to her friend’s office—and got hired! Day six, she resigned from work. Day seven, she had her first day at her new work.

You may think that you it is impossible to find new job opportunities for seven days? Think again because it happens.

Most of the job applicants thought job ads in newspapers, magazines, and Internet are the only ways to look for new workplace. That is something wrong. They comprised just 20-30% of the job market. Fact is there is a larger (at least 60% of the job market) and more effective way of looking for a potential employee. It is called “networking.” It is a formula that is involving around 10 to 20 more eyes to search jobs for you.

How beneficial is networking to your job hunt?

Networking leaves you from spending much in newspapers and magazines, and staying in your computer job searching for more than two hours. You just try developing contacts with friends, family, neighbors, college alumni, people in associations or anyone who can give you information or job leads. They may be able to do wonders for you. Do your networking through phone calls and emails. Set yourself a quota on the number of calls and emails you will be sending each day.

Another way is through party invitations. Yes, it can help. Why not try attending social and business gatherings? You may be able to find your luck there. Of course, you need not bring your resume—just always get your business card ready.

Most importantly, networking saves you from being in the long list of applicants and getting just a slim chance of landing the job because not every job searcher is aware there are vacancies in some companies.


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