5 Funny and Weird Stories During a Job Interview

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Is the awkward five-second silence your worst job interview experience ever? If yes, check this list and amaze yourself with weird real-life and funny job interview stories from Buzzfeed and Snagajob.

1. The Wrong Seat
the wrong seat: job interview stories

Image from Florida Institute of Technology

Beverly E remembers a woman (perhaps the receptionist) instructed her to enter the office to complete her application and said someone would see her when she’s finished. Presuming that the interview will occur in another room, she slumped onto the executive chair and completed the form. Much to her dismay, the interviewer arrived and uneasily occupied the guest’s chair because she was sitting in the boss’ chair. Beverly is sure her answers were perfect, but it was very awkward for the potential employer to take. She’s so ashamed to assume she could get out of the executive chair.

2. The Frozen Stunt
The frozen stunt: job interview stories

Image from RIVS

tiffanyt4bd80ade1 had a video interview with a prominent company. A computer will ask a question and record her answer for sending to the management. She had 30 seconds—no more, no less—to answer the question. In one question, she ran out of stuff to talk about, so she stood still and stared without blinking for 15 seconds, making it seem the video froze. That lapse could be the reason she lost the job.

3. The Subway Rush
the subway rush: job interview stories

Image from Well, This Is What I Think

Lynzi E narrates her craziest interview experience was when she applied as Subway crewmember. They congratulated her through frantic text messages instructing her to come immediately and bring a green shirt because they were in a non-stop rush.

4. The Awkward Silence
The awkward silence: job interview stories

Image from 10MINDS LLC

hannas4eb7595c0 was expecting to transfer departments when she worked for her school’s library and landed an interview with the director. While creating small talk, she spotted the picture of a woman and a dog on his desk. She gestured toward the frame and asked, “Is that an Irish Setter?” He looked, paused, and with a serious face said, “No, that’s my wife”. He didn’t smile nor laugh. She did the same and a long awkward silence followed, but she landed the job.

5. The Hot Initiation
the hot initiation: job interview stories

Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Cyndi B’s job interview was in two parts. The first one was over lunch including several people within the administration who’ll be her co-workers. They went to a small café in Louisiana and ordered boiled crawfish for everyone. It came in with a bib, a tray for the tails, and a big glass of tea. As first-time eater, she observed how they stripped, beheaded, and munched them. She imitated them, learned what the bib was for, and realized how spicy they were (big glass of tea to the rescue). Then they told her to suck the crawfish’s head with eyes and whiskers intact.

She obeyed and swallowed the crawfish whole. They clapped thinking she’s perfect for the job because she accepted the challenge. But they didn’t sense she wrapped the crawfish in napkins inside her purse, ready for disposal. After the first part, she was anxious about what she will consume or accomplish next. The second one was better because she must prove she can dance, too. Cyndi nailed the job because they approved her resume, but they wanted to make sure she would blend in with other people, too.

Job-hunting can be stressful and tedious, but these funny and weird stories proved it could entertain, too. Visit our Resources page for the best resume service reviews and helpful articles.

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