Must Have Job Skills in Your Resume

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By: Erin Alberts

If you are apemployability skillsplying for a sought after job position or any position that takes a computerized or online screening process, expect a rapid process in the review of your resume.

If you are applying along with thousands of other applicants, the hiring officer won’t have much time to dwell on the specific details of your resume. Similarly, if you are applying for a position that takes a computerized or online screening process, no one will be there to appreciate the lengthy narratives and background you’ve included in your resume.

In both time-constrained situations, the hiring manager and scanning software will be looking for specific keywords in your resume. Most of these keywords are specific employability skills that are distributed throughout your resume. For you to be able to pass both screening processes, your resume should have these must have employability skills:

Writing and Speaking

The basics, writing and speaking, should of course be included in your resume. These should not need to be emphasized, however. It’s enough that you mentioned in one of the positions you held about your excellent writing and speaking skills. On the other hand, if you are applying for an international company that requires knowledge and average writing and speaking skills in a certain language that you know, it’s best to mention this in the qualifications summary section so the hiring manager will see it instantly.


Every job position requires organization/prioritization skills. Basically, these skills include having an organized and progressive workflow resulting to continuous production. Indicating that you excel in this skill will automatically place your resume above other resumes being reviewed. 


In any type of job or work, having the initiative will make you noticeable. Although this skill is best portrayed in actual work settings, it could also be shown in your resume. You can simply indicate in your qualifications summary that you are flexible to do any work or task. Or you can indicate in your professional history that you helped improve a company’s production increase by assisting in a task outside your scope of work.

These are just the primary employability skills that should be present in your resume. There are other skills that you can use to help enhance your resume, but don’t forget to include these job skills must haves to ensure your resume will instantly get noticed.

Erin Alberts is a multi-awarded speaker on career and employee and human resource development.


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