Four Ways on How to Find the Top Resume Services for You

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Are you sending your resume to countless firms for months now to no avail? Then, maybe it’s time you ask help from the top resume services backed with writers who are experts in the field. Alex Twersky, a pro in marketing and branding, says new graduates or entry-level job seekers are the ones who should hire online resume writing firms. … Read More

How to Create the Perfect Resume for Long-Term Unemployed

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Have you been jobless for over six months now? You are not alone. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that as of April 2017, about 1.6 million were long-term unemployed or jobless for 27 weeks or more. Sadly, the agency also thinks that employment becomes bleaker the longer you are out of the labor force. But do not worry; with … Read More

Five Sure Ways to Creating the Perfect Resume for Career Shifters

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perfect resume for career shifters

Crafting the perfect resume for career shifters is tough. What if you spent two decades in accounting preparing and presenting budgets and projections and then you’ll move to human resources (HR) management? How will you describe yourself so possible employers and the new industry will find you interesting? Hence, if you want to learn how to write the perfect resume … Read More

Eight Signs You Need a Certified Professional Resume Writer

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As a career changer, vying and winning for a position with job seekers equipped with industry experience may seem like a vague dream. But with an expertly made resume, your dream job will be easier to achieve. Can’t find the reasons to hire a certified professional resume writer? Check out these obvious signs you should. Reasons to Hire a Certified Professional … Read More