Resume Mistakes You Should Watch Out in Crafting Your Tool

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a man in front of a laptop trying to understand the horrible resume mistakes he should watch out

No one can argue how resume plays an important role to step up you job-hunting game. Your resume represents your personal brand to potential employers. Therefore, it should be concise yet detailed enough to convince them you’re worth the job. But what if it catches their attention in a different way? A poorly-written resume upsets hiring managers – and worse – … Read More

Six Features Your First Resume and iPhone have In Common

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Comparing IPhone features to your first resume on top of a table

Who are not familiar with iPhone and its features? Who didn’t spend hours figuring out how they can make your life easier? Trust us, there are six features your first resume and your first iPhone have in common. Hence, scroll away and learn the how-to’s of crafting your first resume! Your First Resume as Your First iPhone Your career launch … Read More

How Top Resume Writing Services Help IT Professionals Land a Job

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top resume writing services for IT professionals

Information Technology (IT) is one of the most competitive industries today. Thus, hiring managers have high standards when it comes to choosing a candidate. It is indeed crucial to give a positive impression especially in writing your resume. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled to craft his/her own application tool. Knowing how tough the competition is, it sometimes requires hiring a top … Read More

8 Signs You Need a Certified Professional Resume Writer

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As a career changer, vying and winning for a position with job seekers equipped with industry experience may seem like a vague dream. However, with an expertly made resume, your dream job will be easier to achieve. Can’t find the reasons to hire a certified professional resume writer? Check out these obvious signs you should. Reasons to Hire a Certified Professional … Read More