What Kind of Job Applicant Are You?

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By: Diane Williams Human resource managers are forced with the task of identifying a job applicant’s intention. Not all applicants are blessed with the same kind of enthusiasm that new graduates have in them. Some would just waltz inside for a quick interview while others just need that much-needed experience.   Which Job Applicant Are You? Different jobseekers have different … Read More

How Career Shifters Should Answer Questions about the Future

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where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Among the many nerve-racking topics in job interviews, career shifters have the hardest time answering future-related questions. Unlike other applicants, they often struggle to convince employers of their plans. They find it challenging to prove their sincerity to grow with the company and justify their erratic and unstable nature. If you are a career shifter and your hiring manager asks … Read More

The 48-Hour Preparation for Job Interview Checklist

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pen, paper, and watch for the job interview preparation

After applying for months, the call you’ve been waiting to hear has finally reached your phone—a job interview invitation. You feel excited until you learn that the interview is on the day after tomorrow! You only have two days to prepare but don’t panic because Best10ResumeWriters got your back. Complete with proper timing and tactic, here’s a 48-hour job interview … Read More