9 Reasons Employers Aren’t Hiring Overqualified Candidates

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employer rejected hiring overqualified candidates for 9 reasons

Not all job seekers with A+ skills or premier degrees get better hiring chances. Many of them, in fact, see their credentials as a huge drawback especially when recruiters start to view them negatively. Do you ever wonder, however, why some employers are hesitant in hiring overqualified candidates like you? Find here some reasons why. 1. You might be too … Read More

Top 10 Creative Ways to Earn Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Hey moms! Earn extra bucks while you’re at home taking care of your kids with these top 10 jobs for moms. 1. Sell handicrafts. If you’re into arts and crafts like sewing, crocheting, and jewelry making, you can consider selling your artworks. You can post them online using your social media accounts, open your own Etsy shop, or just sell … Read More

15 Resumes, Interviews, and Recruitment Facts [Infographic]

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Wondering why your resume cannot attract companies? Ever thought about how companies are intensifying their search for qualified people for a job? Are you using a proper email when sending your applications out? What are your chances of being invited for a job interview? Learn the answers to these questions and more important facts through these 15 facts on resumes, … Read More

7 Tips to Find Your Dream Job While Still in College

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look for your dream job

Are you a college sophomore, junior, or senior? Are you enjoying “the college experience” by attending parties every night and watching football games? Do you know that you can look for your dream job even while you’re still in college?   If you want to have a better chance at landing your dream job, don’t wait for graduation to start working … Read More