Annoying Job Interview Tactics that Candidates Do to Make Recruiters Hire Them

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Every candidate wants to get to the shortlist and win their much-coveted job. They’ll give their 101% best to convince the hiring manager they’re worthy of the position. But there are some candidates who get so competitive they end up doing things that upset recruiters. Are you preparing for your job interview? You’d better market yourself right – and don’t … Read More

4 Proven Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Promoted at Work

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not getting promoted reaction

You’ve been working in the company for years. You’re performing tasks beyond expectations despite the demanding work environment. You’ve grown into a better and more responsible professional. All of these great qualities and still you’re not getting promoted? Don’t hold a grudge against your superiors. Have you acquired enough skills and work ethics to deserve that position? There are certain … Read More

5 Winning Ways to Keeping Employees Happy Even Without a Raise

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keeping employees happy: two thumbs up

Dissatisfaction and employer’s behavior are just few of the many factors that cause employees to resign. According to The Balance contributor Susan M. Heathfield, majority of reasons why employees quit are under the control of the employer. Keeping employees happy reflects the health of a company. So if you’re the employer, how do you ensure they’re satisfied? Here are some … Read More