What Makes Resume Perfect for a Career Shifter?

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woman writing the perfect career change resume

Do you intend to change career paths but hesitate thinking you’re incapable of presenting yourself as the most qualified candidate? Don’t lose hope. You can make a perfect resume—only if you’ll get to know what makes an application piece suitable for career shifters like you. Consider the following factors that comprise a perfect career change resume. Apply them onto your summary … Read More

The Best Resume for a Successful Job Hunt

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letter on how to write the best resume

In this difficult time when there is tough competition in the job market, people’s careers depend on the strength of their resumes. Potential employers or hiring managers are on initially on the look out for the “best resume.” They use it to decide whether to schedule them for an interview or not. With this, it is important that you, as … Read More

7 Brilliant Tips to Finding the Perfect Graduate Job

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graduation pictorial: perfect graduate job

Graduation is almost near! Are you excited to enter a new chapter in your life and put all you’ve learned in college into practice? If you’re already polishing your requirements, it’s a signal that you should prepare to hunt for your perfect graduate job. How can you get the perfect graduate job? Getting the perfect graduate job has no exact … Read More

Top 6 Secrets on How To Make Your Boss More Supportive

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make your boss more supportive scenario

Is it possible to always get a “yes” from your boss? If you’re lucky and you have a nice and approachable boss, it’s easier. But working in a corporate world doesn’t always guarantee you’ll have one. Sometimes, it could also mean working with a strict, poker-face manager. Believe it or not, there are ways on how you can get his … Read More