4 Proven Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Promoted at Work

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not getting promoted reaction

You’ve been working in the company for years. You’re performing tasks beyond expectations despite the demanding work environment. You’ve grown into a better and more responsible professional. All of these great qualities and still you’re not getting promoted? Don’t hold a grudge against your superiors. Have you acquired enough skills and work ethics to deserve that position? There are certain … Read More

6 Important Internship Lessons that Advance Your Career

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work harder: internship lessons

Internships are a good platform for students to gain valuable experiences. Thus, practical training substantially increases a candidate’s chances for employment as it cultivates dedication, enthusiasm, and preparedness for a more complex task. Here’s a list of important internship lessons you should learn to help you advance in the real world. 1. Be punctual This is one of the most … Read More

9 of the Best Career Advice to Guide Millennials in Life

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career advice for millennials

When it comes to career growth, it’s important that Millennials make good career choices early to build a strong foundation to success. Without a guide from experienced professionals, the world of employment can be overwhelming to young aspirants. Life advice such as, “be yourself,” “do what makes you happy,” or “keep your life stress-free” won’t work in this matter. Therefore, … Read More

10 Ugly Statements You Should Never Say to People Searching for Jobs

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Searching for opportunities is the most tiring and distressing portion in the job hunt game. Apart from waiting in vain for employers’ to respond to their application, the feeling of being repeatedly rejected for the job is rough and dejecting. If you have a job seeker friend, family member, or relative, running a commentary on their job hunt status requires … Read More