10 Intelligent Tips for Job Interview That’ll Help You Get Hired

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hired after heeding the job interview tips

Creating a positive and effective impression during the job interview are key factors that applicants must remember when applying for a job. To increase your chances of getting that in demand position, here are a few stats and job interview tips to guide and keep you informed. Job Interview Tips to Boost Your Hiring Chances The perfect time for you … Read More

How Career Shifters Should Answer Questions about the Future

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where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Among the many nerve-racking topics in job interviews, career shifters have the hardest time answering future-related questions. Unlike other applicants, they often struggle to convince employers of their plans. They find it challenging to prove their sincerity to grow with the company and justify their erratic and unstable nature. If you are a career shifter and your hiring manager asks … Read More

Five Sure Ways to Creating the Perfect Resume for Career Shifters

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perfect resume for career shifters

Crafting the perfect resume for career shifters is tough. What if you spent two decades in accounting preparing and presenting budgets and projections and then you’ll move to human resources (HR) management? How will you describe yourself so possible employers and the new industry will find you interesting? Hence, if you want to learn how to write the perfect resume … Read More