The Hardest Career Dilemmas

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confused employeeProbably, every professional has faced a tough career choice at some point in time. And let’s admit, even if it’s a choice between two good stuff, there’s still the worry that we might regret the decision sometime later. If you’re looking for answers to your career dilemmas, you can now browse for another article that can think for you. If you’re not, came up with these things to consider when faced between two roads:

1. When you want to quit job for another one

There are two different cases. The first is when somebody offers you a certain job and the second is when you just wanted to jump out of the company because your colleagues or your circumstances are starting to kill you. When you belong in the first case, you better go and grab that opportunity. It may or may not pay better, but the important thing is that you get your mind refreshed and you grow professionally by exercising your brain muscles. Just make sure that you inform your current employer as soon as you made the decision. If you belong to the latter group, it’ll better to keep your job until you got something under your sleeves.

2. When you need to quit a high-powered career for family

This one’s very common with women. They are natural nurturers, so the tendency is that they were the first to consider quitting jobs to take care of the family. But what if the job is very critical to the company? And what if you are too committed to your job for years? This is the starting point. You have to choose based on what will give you joy, not based on how much other people needed you. Think which of them you will be joyful to hold even if things go wrong.

3. When you’re afraid asking for a raise

Most women got stuck into this type of dilemma because they are most likely to be uncomfortable talking about money, not especially for something that they’ve poured their heart and passion into. However, it’s probably time to break the vicious culture and start being at rest when you speak about the dollars. As long as you believe you deserve it, there’s no use holding the thought back. It’s better to talk it out in the carpet that to grind away whimpering inside.

The next time you’re stuck between two roads, advises you to remember that you must learn the art of compromise. Weigh down the greater good or the lesser evil. And don’t listen to anybody — this article included— if your guts are telling you to go the other way.

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