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employee on a meetingBefore you get it wrong: no, managing humans aren’t just the stuff for managers and the HR department. It’s everyone’s concern as long as they are tasked to deal with people. If you need the some perspective, here’s a Best 10 Resume Writers’ review on convention-wreaking but effective nuggets of wisdom in modern management:

1.   People  can never really be managed

You caught Jane shopping online during work hours. You know that Johnny isn’t telling the truth when he called sick. You think that Tim stole a paperclip. So what to do with it? (a) You go through the whole pain in the neck of apprehending or sanctioning them. Or (b) you pass up the small things as long as they’re accomplishing the task and quality required of them.

Let’s face it; things will definitely go awry with humans. When this happens, you have to clearly define your bottom line, and then treat them like adults. Just one word: Trust.

2.   Making people ‘work hard’ seldom fixes anything

Most companies will set ridiculous goals and tight deadlines for the sake of pushing people’s ‘productivity’. But as far as professionals are concerned, the hardest working employees are always the first ones to burn out.

There’s no way forcing others to invest more of their time for work. If you’re complaining because your teammates can’t walk that extra mile, then you’re probably not aware that depriving them of rest and buffer time can significantly decrease productivity and happiness.

3.   There are some things you should never attempt to manage

Or at least, you should never let people feel that you’re managing them. Personal elements such as relationships, preferences, personality, emotions, principles, and beliefs should never be managed for work. Resist the urge of controlling these factors, because no amount of peer pressure, bosses, and administration can ever change these. What’s worse, doing so can highly decrease people’s morale. Be able to welcome and accept diversity in matters that don’t really affect their work and productivity.

4.   Allow crazy ideas

It’s not actually the crazy ideas that build stand-out and smart companies; it’s their willingness to take risks and implement them. It’s their courage to fly without a net.

If you really want to encourage thinking out-of-the-box, then don’t just tell it.Show that the seemingly crazy out-of-the-box ideas are welcomed, and can be materialized when it’s worth the try. Cultivate the culture of learning. You cannot do it by just following what everybody else does or abiding to what everybody else can easily accept.

Moreover, this Best 10 Resume Writers review points out that the only way to move forward with a team is not to manage each other, but rather to lead.

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