13 of the Best Work-from-Home Job Opportunities

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Distance is one of the common reasons why some of us can’t work in the city. Who wants to go home broke and dead tired two weeks before payday? If you have the same dilemma, you might be asking yourself, “Why don’t I work from home instead?” Read these 13 work-from-home job opportunities that you may consider.

Shun your 6-hour daily drive nightmare for these 13 stay-at-home jobs that makes for decent living whilst you lounge in your favorite couch.

1. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionist Median Wage: $29,912**
Education/Training: Post-Secondary Non-Degree Award*
A medical transcriptionist listens to voice recordings that healthcare professionals make and convert them into written reports. Job may also include reviewing and editing of medical documents.



2. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative Median Wage: $34,795**
Education/Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Also known as Call Center Agents, they handle customer complaints, order processing, and basic troubleshooting.




3. Tutor

Tutor Median Wage: $35,831**
Education/Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent
A tutor works under a teacher’s supervision to provide attention, guidance, and instruction to a student. His/her task also involves communicating with parents and creating handouts, problem sets, and other instructional materials.

4. Travel Agent

Travel Agent Median Wage: $36,647**
Education/Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent*
A travel agent arranges transportation, lodging, and admission to entertainment activities for clients planning trips in or outside the country.




5. Freelance Writer

work-from-home job Median Wage: $37,178**
Education/Training: High School Diploma or equivalent
Freelance writers or authors write books, blog content, brochures, scripts, and other written material for clients. Job may also involve conceptualizing stories for television or radio.




6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Median Wage: $40,022**
Education/Training: High School Diploma or Equivalent*
The job of a VA includes performing routine clerical and administrative duties, organizing files, drafting messages, scheduling appointments, and providing support to other staff.



7. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer Median Wage: $40,593**
Education/Training: Bachelor’s Degree*
A graphic designer creates visual concepts and develops overall layout and production design by hand or using computer software.





8. SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist Median Wage: $40,855**
Education/Training: Bachelor’s Degree
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists conduct analysis and content optimization of a website, write web content for it, design online campaigns for clients, and implement SEO strategies to gain leads and search engine traffic.



9. Illustrator

Illustrator Median Wage: $44,708**
Education/Training: Bachelor’s Degree
An illustrator draws and delivers illustrations for different projects with specifications and a deadline. Duties also include researching and interpreting design according to marketing trends.




10. Translator

Translator Median Wage: $45,283**
Education/Training: Short-Term On-the-Job Training
A translator or interpreter converts information from one language to another. He/she may also work in spoken, sign, or written language.




11. Tech Support Specialist

Tech Support Specialist Median Wage: $45,366**
Education/Training: High School Diploma or Associate’s Degree
A Tech Support’s job is to provide help and give technical advice to individuals or organizations using a particular software or equipment.




12. Copy Editor

Copy Editor Median Wage: $47,566**
Education/Training: Bachelor’s Degree*
An Editor’s job is to plan, review, and revise content for publication in publishing companies, marketing firms, and other businesses.





13. Web Developer

Web Designer and Developer Median Wage: $55,542**
Education/Training: Bachelor’s Degree
A web developer builds the backbone of a website and is also responsible for its performance, speed, and capacity to handle site traffic.




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**According to PayScale.com
*According to bls.gov



Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Lifehack, Payscale, Bankrate

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